Liquid Worm Castings (Worm Tea) As an All Purpose Plant Food

Having the quality cup of tea is what it is all about when you need to relax and just zen, coming down from a very stressful day or even to polish off one of the finest days that you have had; it really does not matter when it comes to relaxing with a cup of hot soothing fabulous tea. There are many blooming flower tea kinds of teas, in fact there are more than you could name, from loose leaf teas to fruity teas and even floral teas; and let us not leave out all of the great organic teas; where does one begin to describe to essence of this little pleasure. Its healing properties has been known and used for centuries upon centuries; there is more to be said than just having a cup of tea, it is one of God’s little pleasures that can do so much for the heart, mind, soul and body. So much appreciation for this herb is to be said along with our many organic varieties and just to touch base on a couple would be the organic rooibos tea and the organic white tea; these are some fabulous soul repairing drinks which should be respected and appreciated.

With such an exquisite array of herbals, a person could never run out of varieties like blended herbals could be a blend of fruity flavors, lemon, apricot, melon, and other Chai’s; then the black and mint flavors and the bedtimes that are so relaxing and soothing; and enough to sooth anyone into a grand night’s sleep without a worry in the world.

And what about those blooming flower herbals, wow you have jasmines and marigolds, chrysanthemums and so many others that can be drank separately or providing another excellent blend as well; even the dandelion is very tasty. Cherry blossoms or any fruit tree blossom would create and excellent hot relaxing drink and there is no need for any of those unhealthy sugars to add to these tasty morsels; A lot of people really enjoy these types drinks hot or cold the choice is entirely yours.

Just naming a few of these different types so to familiarize you with what is out there for a great variety would be oolongs; check out some of these green varieties monkey paw, dragon well, sencha; how about a little gunpowder consisting of zhu cha bang. Wow sounds like some good stuff, dragon pearls would do anyone some good too, then why not put some lime in the coconut and make you feel better, call the doctor and wake him up! You need to have a little humor sometimes; but on a serious note, the types of herbals that are available are astounding.

Becoming a connoisseur of your herbals is a delight and a pleasurable experience, especially for one who might travel a lot; your different countries do a lot experimenting in herbals so be careful on what you try and make sure it is consumable, but seriously enjoy as many as you can.