How to Have a Secret Conversation on WhatsApp

To delete a particular message, go to the profile of the person to whom the message was sent. Then, click the “Delete” button to delete it. In order to save a specific message, you can longpress the send button to bring up the context menu. The recipient, however, may still save the message on his or her end. WhatsApp warns you of the potential data breach. For this reason, it would be a good idea to add a shortcut to delete specific messages.

WhatsApp’s web version

While WhatsApp’s web version does not feature the option to store secret conversations, users can use it to store large files. In addition, users can see which of their contacts are frequently chatting. Swiping left on a message will display its statistics, and Android users can long-press on a message to view its details. Once there, tap the menu button and tap “Info.” Lastly, users can mute chatty group conversations to stop them from bothering their friends.

PC or Mac apps

Besides mobile devices, WhatsApp has launched a desktop app as well. You can download it directly from the official web page or from the Mac App Store. This app is newer than the mobile version, and it requires QR code scanning on the mobile app. This way, all of your conversations will be synchronized between both applications. WhatsApp desktop is a safe chat option for Mac users, allowing you to chat with anyone using any device.

Voice notes feature

WhatsApp has finally rolled out its voice notes feature for iPhone and iPad users. With the global voice player, you’ll be able to play your audio files even outside of chats. To get it, simply update to the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS. Now, spy app with target phone you’ll be able to reply to conversations while listening to your voice notes. WhatsApp has not yet revealed when it will roll out the feature for Android users.

Archive feature

To protect your secret conversations, you can use the Archived feature of WhatsApp. This feature is available in Settings > Chats > Archived Chats. The hidden chat will be stored on your phone forever. To archive a chat, simply long press on it to display an Archive box. When you wish to restore the chat, just tap it again to reveal it. You can also delete the chat if you no longer want it to be visible.

Disable vanishing messages

If you want to have a secret conversation on WhatsApp, you need to turn off the vanishing messages feature. This feature will notify the sender and recipient that the message is not being read and will disappear after seven days. Disappearing messages will not affect messages sent before the feature was introduced. Unless the option is turned on, messages sent before the feature was introduced will not disappear. You may also try replying directly to ‘disappearing’ messages, but the original message will still be visible for up to seven days. Videos and images are also removed from the app because they’re automatically downloaded by the phone.