Buying Food in Morocco

Travellers could be mainly interested by the spices that Morocco has to offer and you can not go back domestic without shopping for some. Every medina has some spice stores and you ought to go to one just to peer and smell the range. There are numerous spice mixes you could buy and famous alternatives are a heady blend of Moroccan spices known as “Head of the Store”, saffron (which may be purchased for approximately £1 in line with buy kashmir saffron online gram) and Moroccan curry (that’s a distinct blend to Indian curry.

Moroccans also love their olives and export a big quantity. They come in many flavors with the sour, lemony type being maximum famous. Olives are served with most food and as part of Tagines and Couscous dishes. We loved the variety, mainly the garlic and wine flavored olives.

Olives also are very popular with vacationers in Morocco. Morocco is widely recognized for loving their olives and that they export a big quantity. Olives in Morocco come in many one-of-a-kind flavours and the sour lemony ones are the maximum popular. Olives are served in most Moroccan dishes and additionally in Tagines and couscous dishes. The garlic and wine flavoured olives are honestly worth trying.

Tips for Souk Shoppers

Carry around some Moroccan cash with you for tipping. The going charge is 1-5 Dirhams.

Negotiation is prime while buying something in Morocco. When presented with a fee offer approximately ¼ of the quantity. Keep the method pleasant but continue to be firm. If you give a final provide and you’re allowed to walk out of the store you then have underestimated the price. When haggling do not seem to interested in the object (even in case you are) and do now not be afraid to inform them you’ll have a look around.

Exchange only as a whole lot money as you assume to spend. Always alternate money in banks or at the larger hotels, by no means on the street. Credit cards are widespread for large purchases however bring coins for most souk buys

If making plans a go to to the souks at some point of your Morocco journey excursions, try to keep away from Fridays as this is the Muslim holy day and maximum stores and stalls will close at around midday.